Yochi Ben was born and raised in Israel where the passion for fashion and design became a lifelong inspiration and dream.

She studied fashion design and was vividly envisioning her work as a designer, when fate struck and Yochi was very seriously injured in a car accident. It seemed she was given a great talent and then suddenly the ability to use her gift was stripped from her, as the functionality of her right hand was severely compromised.

With Yochi’s fashion and design dreams shattered, seemingly forever, she pursued other opportunities in marketing achieving great success. However, her inner passions always took her back to dreaming of designing unforgettable dresses.

yochi ben

On arriving in the United States in 2004, she didn't expect this country to welcome her with an overwhelming flow of inspiration. Throwing caution to the wind, she decided to launch her own fashion line which became an overnight and overwhelming success.

Her travels took her to Los Angeles where she decided to make her home and direct her focus towards fulfilling her dreams: designing and creating unforgettable dresses and gowns that would make every woman feel special, styles that turn heads, classy and glamorous.

Today, Yochi Ben's showroom is Hollywood's best kept secret for celebrities and those who look for that unique dress that makes them feel special and makes them stand out in a crowded room of beautiful dresses. Yochi has been featured in many magazines and was recently discovered as the hot new designer whose dresses are a "must have”.

"I don't think about trends & fashion – my focus and my passion is to create a dress and a distinctive styling that is as unique and as beautiful as the woman wearing it." - Yochi Ben

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